General Assembly

A democratic association

EUROCLIO is a democratic association governed by an elected board. The Board of EUROCLIO is elected by the General Assembly, held each year at the EUROCLIO Annual Conference and made up of EUROCLIO member organizations. The Association is governed according to its Statutes and Internal Rules. The EUROCLIO General Assembly votes on the election of board members, internal rules and statutes changes, and general policy documents such as the EUROCLIO Manifesto.


Voting at the General Assembly

Full Member Associations who have paid their fee of the year that the GA is held, and Full Member Associations who are exempt from paying the fee in the year that the GA is held can vote. The number of votes each member has, ranging from 1 – 4, depends on the size of the Full Member Association. To determine the category of your association, kindly refer to the table on the left and the list of countries included in Appendix 1 of the Internal Rules.

Associate Members have no right to vote during the General Assembly, but have a say in network consultations to help set priorities for project fundraising and for the development of educational materials by EUROCLIO. The same rules apply for Individual members.

Previous General Assemblies