Annual Conference

The EuroClio Annual Conference is a unique professional development course which has been running for over two decades. The conference targets history, geography, heritage, and citizenship educators and education professionals from Europe and beyond. Each year we welcome between 100 and 150 history, geography, heritage, and citizenship educators and education professionals from all across and beyond Europe. They participate in an intensive professional development course, exchanging best practices and obtaining new insights from academia and civil society.consist of active workshops, panel discussions, interactive sessions, cultural visits, on-site learning activities and intercultural events.

Aims of the Conference

  • To engage in a dialogue between history, geography, heritage, and citizenship educators from across and beyond.
  • To share educational initiatives
  • To exchange innovative tools, methods and professional knowledge with all other educators in Europe and beyond to support teaching locally and in their own countries.
  • To disseminate and explore the implementation of innovative history teaching resources and guidelines produced by national and international NGOs and intergovernmental organisations.
  • To strengthen synergies between EuroClio and history and geography educators across and beyond Europe, in order to strengthen the capacity building and professional development of local educators.

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Our Annual Conferences

2020: Belgrade, Serbia

2019: Gdańsk, Poland

2018: Marseille, France


2017: Donostia-San Sebastián

2016: Belfast, Northern-Ireland

2015: Helsingor, Denmark


2014: Ohrid, Macedonia

2013: Erfurt, Germany

2012: Antalya. Turkey


2010: Nijmegen, The Netherlands