The Historiana Teams

Historiana is being jointly developed by its Historical Content team, Teaching and Learning team and Concept, Development and Design team. All teams work together to create content for Historiana and to translate complex historical events, developments, concepts and skills into accessible, ready-to-use material for history teachers across Europe and beyond. Together, they combine historical content with practical ways of teaching it to provide an in-depth, multiperspective and transnational approach to history. Steven Stegers and Lorraine Besnier are managing Historiana on behalf of EuroClio and are responsible for coordination, communication and partnership.

The Historical Content team

The Historical Content team of Historiana takes the lead in creating, editing and updating the resources available under the Historical Content tab of Historiana.

The team is composed of historians and experienced educators from across Europe and beyond. The current team come from Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States but we are always looking for new volunteers who would like to join the team. (please email for more information).

The team meets monthly online and twice a year face-to-face with the T&L team. At these meetings they usually review progress made on content development and proposals for new content as well as identifying possibilities for re-curating existing content on Historiana to better meet teachers’ needs.

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Bob Stradling

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Chris Rowe

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Andrea Scionti

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Francesco Scatigna

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Sean Wempe

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The Teaching and Learning team

The Teaching and Learning team of Historiana leads and coordinates EuroClio's work to create, review and update the resources available via the Teaching and Learning tab of Historiana. The aim of the team is to make Historiana a place where history teachers and students can find learning plans and activities that will enable them to learn and think about the past as historians. The team is composed of experienced and dedicated educators from across Europe and beyond.  The current members of the team are from Australia/France, Germany/ Cyprus, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The team meets monthly. In a typical meeting, they might share ideas about new tools for the eActivity builder, make plans to write useful documents to make Historiana more accessible, discuss upcoming trainings for teachers about an aspect of history teaching or plan their joint work with the Historical Content team to create new Historiana materials. You will often see the team providing teacher trainings both face-to-face and online at EuroClio events. They welcome offers of support to develop activities using Historiana content. To offer such help please contact

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Helen Snelson

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Bridget Martin

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Gijs van Gaans

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Ute Ackermann

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Benny Christensen

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The Concept, Design and Development team

The concept, design and development team is in charge of creating, developing and maintaining the website Their goal is to develop an easy-to-use learning environment for teachers and students. The team consists of Paul Jongsma (Webtic), Nique Sanders (Webtic) and Joes Koppers (USE Media), all with years of experience in their own field. They are constantly looking for ways to match technological developments with developments in the field of education, based on the needs of both teachers and students. Their motto: if it can be simpler in another way, they will not do it.
We are looking for a highly experienced freelancer with knowledge of Neo4J, VueJS and Python for our team. For more information, please contact
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Joes Koppers

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Nique Sanders

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Paul Jongsma

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