Picture of Steven Stegers

Steven Stegers

Executive Director

Steven Stegers is Executive Director at EUROCLIO, where he has worked since 2006.
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Picture of Alice Modena

Alice Modena

Junior Project Manager

Alice Modena is Junior Project Manager at EUROCLIO, where she has been working since September 2018.
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Secretariat staff

The dedicated and close knit EUROCLIO staff works out of the our secretariat, based in The Hague - the International City of Peace and Justice. Managed by an Executive Director and Deputy Director, with others acting as Project Managers and office staff, considerable expertise is shared within the team. This office supports the association in delivering services to Members, partners and the Board. The majority of its manpower goes into implementing projects and actions identified in the annual Action Plan according to the five Areas of Work and the four Topics of Work. Project managers are responsible for a wide range of projects. The Programme Director designs and oversees complementary actions. The Director has overall responsibility and fosters partnership development and advocacy.

  • The main staff member in charge of Events is Alice Modena.
  • The main staff member in charge of Communication is Andreas Holtberget

Due to the limited size of project grants, the staff works in a holistic and streamlined fashion. In doing so it maintains a non-hierachical, slim and agile operation. The secretariat offers traineeships to students from all over Europe and beyond and offers them real work experience in balancing responsibilities with opportunities for learning.

The Secretariat staff including the trainees is a truly international one, coming from four different countries and speaking a total of 7 languages: English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Norwegian.

Picture of Andreas Holtberget

Andreas Holtberget

Project Manager

Andreas Holtberget is Project Manager and Communications Officer at EUROCLIO, where he has been working since June 2019.
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Picture of Catherine Savitsky

Catherine Savitsky

Junior Project Manager

Catherine Savitsky is a Junior Project Manager at EUROCLIO, where she has been working since December 2019.
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