EUROCLIO is a international community of education professionals who work together to promote innovative and responsible history and citizenship education. We raise awareness of the fact that the past is perceived differently by different people, we embrace cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, and ensure that students learn how to think critically and independently.

You can join EUROCLIO as an individual and as an organization. By joining us, you help EUROCLIO prioritize those activities that are directly beneficial for the professional community of history and citizenship educators.

What are the benefits of joining EUROCLIO?

EUROCLIO support our members in a variety of ways, such as through networking, capacity building, preparation, and planning of activities.

EUROCLIO strives to offer opportunities to its member organisations and associations who wish to influence education reform processes, collaborate with larger cross-border networks, participate in professional development training, and steer the member organisation or association through democratic participation.

As IndividualAs Organization

As an individual member of EUROCLIO, you:

- Are part of a transnational network of history educators.
- Get unlimited access to our webinars.
- Get a discount on our professional development courses.
- Get refunds on books, films or exhibitions that you review for EUROCLIO.
- Can get advice on how to apply for EU mobility grants by our staff.

As an Full/Associated Member of EUROCLIO, you:
- Can share opportunities and news via our website.
- Can get advise on funding opportunities.

Full Members also:
- Have voting rights during the General Assembly.
- Can give their members access to our webinars.
- Get support to participate in the General Assembly.


How else can I get involved?

Participate in our events

Join us in during one of our online or face-to-face professional development courses.


Help us to make our source collections truly transnational and multiperspective by helping us find sources for our crowd-sourcing projects

Share news and resources

Let us know what is new in your context, either by writing articles yourself or suggesting us to find more.

Write reviews

Let us know which books, movies and exhibits you would recommend by writing reviews that our members and webpage visitors can read.


Become a trainee

Are you enthusiastic about History and Citizenship education? Then become a trainee and work with us in a truly international environment.

Engage on social media

Do you want to keep track of all our initiatives? Follow us on our social media, to always be updated on the upcoming events.


Register for the newsletter

Register for our newsletter to be up to date on our progress and to be sure that you see all opportunities.

Seize opportunities

We collect opportunities to help our members.  Take a look whether there are any opportunities that fit you!