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19 Feb 2021

What is the goal of History Education? A conversation with Marianne de Soeten, the Best History Teacher of the Year

“What I actually want to do is use history to show students: where do we come from, who am I, what is my place in the world?” Check out our new interview with Marianne de Soeten, winner of the 2020 History Teacher of the Year award in the Netherlands. Marianne de Soeten, history teacher at Van Lodenstein College in Barneveld, the Netherlands, won the title of Best History Teacher of the Year 2020 in the Netherlands in autumn of last year. The annual prize is organized by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, in association with the NTR (Dutch public broadcaster) and Nationaal Archief (National Archives). EuroClio sat down (virtually of course) with Marianne to find out more about her path to…
What is the goal of History Education? A conversation with Marianne de Soeten, the Best History Teacher of the Year
Colston in Bristol: School Renaming
12 Feb 2021

Colston in Bristol: School Renaming

After a storm comes the calm. When applied to “storms” of popular protest fuelled by contestations over controversial legacies of the past in public spaces – specifically those raised by the Black Lives  Matter Movement concerning colonialism, slavery, and racism in the wake of George Floyd’s killing on  25th May 2020 – this proceeding “calm” usually entails a period of reckoning. In the case of Edward  Colston, the most famous son of the dominant port city of South-Western England, this reckoning has  taken the form of revaluation; with the view to act on renaming relevant Bristolian buildings, following  on from the spontaneous toppling of the harbourside life-size bronze dedicated to the eighteenth century slave-trader. As an avid philanthropist, Colston was rewarded,…
5 Feb 2021

Virtual book launch: Contested Histories in Public Spaces

The virtual launch of the eBook “Contested Histories in Public Spaces: Principles, Processes, Best Practices” will be held on Thursday 11 February (18:00 – 19:00 CET). During the webinar, hosted by the International Bar Association, participants will hear from the volumes’ co-editors, such as Dr Timothy W Ryback, Dr Mark Ellis, and Benjamin Glahn, along with practitioners and scholars. The landmark volume is intended for policymakers confronting controversies over historical legacies in public spaces like statues, memorials and street names. It presents ten case studies and discusses their significance, interpretations and possible remedies – placarding, resignification and repurposing, to relocation, removal, or destruction. Iconic examples are disputes over Christopher Columbus, Edward Colston, Robert E Lee, and Cecil Rhodes, among others.…
Virtual book launch: Contested Histories in Public Spaces