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23 Jan 2020

Václav Havel Human Rights Prize 2020: call for nominations

Strasbourg, 15.01.2020 – The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), in partnership with the Vaclav Havel Library and the Charta 77 Foundation, has today issued a call for nominations for the 2020 Václav Havel Human Rights Prize. The Prize, created in 2013, aims to reward outstanding civil society action in defending human rights in Europe and beyond. Candidates should have made a real difference to the human rights situation of a given group, been instrumental in uncovering large-scale systemic violations, or have successfully mobilised public opinion or the international community for a cause. The deadline for submitting nominations is 30 April 2020. Nominations should be sent to the Parliamentary Assembly by e-mail to the following address:, using…
Václav Havel Human Rights Prize 2020: call for nominations
Review of Natives written by Akala
10 Jan 2020

Review of Natives written by Akala

Akala. Natives. Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire. London: Two Roads, 2018.   During this winter break, I finished reading Natives. Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire written by the British all-rounder Akala (Kingslee James McLean Daley). The book is a great read for educators, although it concludes with some worrisome prophecies for 2020. Written from a first person narrative, the author tells his coming-of-age story as a mixed race boy in the city of London, hereby showing how his upbringing was influenced by the way Great Britain remembers their colonial past. This review will first introduce Akala, secondly discuss the general structure of the book, thereafter it will pose some questions about the future. Finally,…
9 Jan 2020

IAIE Success for EuroClio

In November 2019, EuroClio took an exciting new step in the world of educational research in chairing one of the research strands at the International Association for Intercultural Education’s (IAIE) annual conference in Amsterdam. The theme of the conference was “Another Brick in the Wall: Transforming Education” and focused on sharing insights pertaining to diversity in relation to the fields of Intercultural Education, Multicultural Education, Human Rights Education, Citizenship Education, Education Democracy and Global Education. The five day conference began with three days of practical workshops for practitioners followed by two days of academic research presentations and keynote speeches. In this way, the workshop had two motives – to share best practice and to share leading research (and of course,…
IAIE Success for EuroClio