Finding Ways Forward for Cultural Heritage in the Balkans

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The EuroClio’s Regional Summer School in Lovćen, Montenegro was the second summer school organised by EuroClio in the Balkan region and it brought together 12 nationalities and representatives of eight history teachers’ associations. The first Regional Summer School was held in 2015 in Šipovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The History Teachers’ Association of Montenegro (HIPMONT) and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) were partners in organising the event. The Summer School provided in the unique combination of theory, workshops and on-site learning. This year the focus was discovering the “entangled legacies” of East and West in Montenegro and empathize the important connection between history educators and cultural heritage workers. During the Summer School educators working in history and heritage could participate in an interactive programme in which organisations like the RCC, Yad Vashem and Cultural Heritage without Borders gave interesting and inspiring presentations and workshops. It turned out to be a capacity-building event which provided transnational transfer of knowledge and experience in formal and informal way. Through lectures, workshops, discussions and study visits, participants could learn more about the history of Montenegro and the region in general, but also about history teaching from their peers. In the evaluation participants indicated they enjoyed the combination of presentations, workshops and on-site learning, they learned a lot about the history of Montenegro and the Balkan region in general and expressed their hope for joint cooperation with fellow participants and their students. The 2017 Regional Summer School location will be announced next month, so keep an eye on the website!

Next week: EuroClio’s 2nd Regional Summer School

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Check out our final programme below!

Next week from 12 - 17 July 2016 EuroClio welcomes almost 50 participants to their 2nd Regional Summer School in Montenegro. This year's theme is "History that Connects East and West: Learning through Entangled Legacies in History Education and Cultural Heritage". The Summer School is meant to be a capacity-building event providing a transnational transfer of knowledge and experience. Through the programme organisations like the Regional Cooperation Council, Yad Vashem and History Teachers' Associations all come together to share their views. We will also spend time outside of the conference room, on multiple On-Site Learning activities in Montenegro. We aim to make all participants feel inspired and stimulated to share with colleagues and students what they learnt.


EuroClio’s Regional Summer School Montenegro 2016

Dialogue between Italian and Israeli Teachers at Yad Vashem

Every year, thousands of teachers from Israel and around the world come to the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem to learn how to teach about the Holocaust. In the 70 seminars and professional development programs organized at Yad Vashem in at least ten languages annually, the teachers have the opportunity to hear various lectures from noted experts in history and pedagogy. Additionally, teachers actively participate in workshops and gain hands-on experience with age-appropriate educational resources developed by Yad Vashem.
On July 23, 2015, Italian-speaking Israeli teachers joined a group of Italian educators affiliated with the Italian teachers’ union UIL Scuola in dialogue and learning together at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

At first there was concern that there would not be enough teachers who both spoke fluent Italian and were members of the Association of Secondary School Teachers in Israel (ASSTI), but it quickly became clear that fifteen Israeli educators from around the country were able to join 20 teachers that came from all over Italy. Some of the Israeli teachers shared their family histories with their Italian colleagues, illustrating the importance of teaching the history of the Holocaust. The Israeli teachers were impressed with the Italian teachers’ Holocaust-related projects and commitment.

The day commenced with a joint tour of the Holocaust Art Museum of Yad Vashem and concluded with an in-depth discussion about Holocaust education in both countries. In addition, the teachers spoke about what they can learn from each other and how they can cooperate in the future. All of the educators that participated found great value in the daylong international dialogue and expressed their appreciation for the opportunity, recommending that such encounters continue in the future.

This was the first time that a Yad Vashem seminar for European educators involved Israeli teachers, and Yad Vashem staff members were very impressed. Aside from the friendship and dialogue that developed between the teachers, there was also a sense that this type of discourse can only prove beneficial when addressing a subject as complex and important as the Holocaust.

The staff of the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem hope that this cooperation will continue and expand in due course.

The ASSTI (an umbrella for the Israeli History Teachers Association) and Yad Vashem are planning further study days of this kind. To receive information about Yad Vashem professional development programming in Holocaust education for European educators, please contact the European Department of the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem:

EuroClio Partners Yad Vashem Host Regional Seminar in Skopje

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Yad Vashem’s network of European educators committed to promoting Holocaust education continues to expand. A special follow-up professional development program in Skopje, geared for teachers from Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, was coordinated in cooperation with EuroClio and Centropa, August 30-31, 2014. EuroClio Board Member and Co-Editor of the recent regional common publication “Once Upon a Time…We Lived Together”, presented EuroClio mission, vision and activities. For more information about past, present and future professional development opportunities in Holocaust education, contact: