Teaching 1815 – Rethinking Waterloo from Multiple Perspectives

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This publication has been developed for EuroClio – Inspiring History and Citizenship Educators by Francesco Scatigna (Historiana Editor) with the support of Joke van der Leeuw-Roord (EuroClio Founder and Special Advisor). The publication makes use of contributions of participants to the international seminar "Teaching 1815. Rethinking the Battle of Waterloo from Multiple Perspectives". The seminar gathered around 40 history educators from all over Europe to learn, exchange and reflect on "Teaching Waterloo".

A varied and dense programme offered participants opportunities to deepen their understanding of the history of the battle, with a special focus on its impact at European and global levels, on the way it is remembered and on the relevance of this topic to teach about war and peace nowadays. The hospitality of the local partners contributed to making this seminar an enjoyable and enriching international gathering of history enthusiasts. Participants learned about the history and historiography of the event and the period and the way they are currently taught across Europe. Valuable on-site learning at the Waterloo battlefield and related remembrance places complemented this programme, oriented towards the collaborative development of teaching and learning resources on the topic as the main outcome of the seminar. The seminar was part of the EuroClio International Training Programme that provides opportunities for cross-border professional development to history, heritage and citizenship educators all over Europe.

The event was hosted by the Municipality of Braine-l’-Alleud, where the Waterloo battlefield is located. It was co-organised with the Waterloo Committee with the support of Waterloo 200, the Brabant-Wallon Province, the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Goldman Sachs Gives. Participants were offered a balance between theoretical insights and hands-on activities during the Seminar.

Cover image: Dennis Jarvis (Flickr).


Teaching 1815 (English)                 Enseigner 1815 (French)

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1. Introduction  EN | FR
2. Remembering Waterloo and the Napoleonic wars  EN | FR
3. How to make teaching about it attractive  EN | FR
4. Conclusion  EN | FR

Funded by

A.S.B.L Comité pour les études historiques de la bataille de Waterloo

Active Historiana Training on Teaching the Napoleonic Wars

Almost 50 educators coming from 25 different countries were involved in the Historiana training day during the International Training seminar Teaching 1815. Rethinking the Battle of Waterloo from Multiple Perspectives which served as the start of the development process of a Historiana module on the Napoleonic Wars. Using the techniques and tools that the Historiana programme of EuroClio proposes, the participants worked in 9 teams of about 5 people sharing and contrasting their ideas about teaching about the Napoleonic Wars in three active workshops.

On Saturday 14th February, Historiana coordinators Steven Stegers and Judith Geerling, historical content editor Francesco Scatigna, learning team coordinator Helen Snelson and EuroClio research trainee Martijn de Jong proposed to the participants three really interactive activities on how to present historical content on the Napoleonic Wars in an innovative way, how to make a transnational source collection that is useful for history teaching and how to make learning activities that promote historical thinking by analysing a single source or a group of sources.

Trying to promote multiperspectivity in the different workshops, the groups of educators prepared and presented the historical content and learning activities they worked on and developed in the workshops.

The Historiana team will further develop the new Historiana module on the Napoleonic Wars, using the results of this training day. If you are interested to join the development process, please contact Judith Geerling (judith@euroclio.eu).