History Educators in the Western Balkans Participate in New Training with “Once Upon a Time…We Lived Together. 1900-1945”

The series of seminars organised at national level by EuroClio and its member Associations in the Western Balkans in September and October are the platform for the launch of EuroClio’s new multilingual teaching tool entitled ‘Once Upon A Time … We Lived Together’. Attended each by 50 to 100 participants on average, the seminars are a unique opportunity for history educators in the region to discover exemplar material for the history classroom. An almost Live Report of the series of Training can be seen on the EuroClio Facebook Group or for example the report on the Croatian National History Portal.

This publication is the main outcome of the History that Connects project ‘How to Teach Sensitive and Controversial History in the countries of former Yugoslavia?‘ (2011-2014), which was officially introduced at the 21st EuroClio Annual Conference in Ohrid. It contains 23 innovative exemplar workshops focusing on some of the most sensitive and controversial topics of regional history between 1900-1945, with contributions from educators of all seven project countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia).

Between 11 September and 5 October, 6 national launch and training seminars will take place in the project countries. In particular, Kosovo (Prizren: 12-14 September), Slovenia (Ljubljana: 19 September), Croatia (Zagreb: 20-21 September), Montenegro (Podgorica: 3-5 October), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo: 10-12 October).

The programme and reports of the training seminar can be shared upon a request. Contact jonathan@euroclio.eu for queries.

Teacher Training Seminars on New EuroClio Publication “Once Upon a Time…We Lived Together”

Following the succesfull launch of the English Language version of the collaboratively produced Teacher Resource Book “Once Upon a Time…We Lived Together” in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, the plans are finalised for National Teacher Training Seminars in the local languages. In July the first of such events took place in Mavrovo, Macedonia. These seminars include open discussion on implementation of the new material as well as active workshops on different modules of the book. The seminars will be held between 23 August and 12 October and are organised by EuroClio together with the Member Associations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. If you are interested to attend or learn more about these events, please contact Jonathan Even-Zohar.