RETHINK 3rd Consortium Meeting

The 3rd Consortium Meeting is a closed meeting to reflect upon the upscaling work package. It includes  a presentation of the Advisory Board’s meeting and feedback, as well as a presentation on the integrating the results phase two of upscaling into the Handbook: An educator’s guide to remembrance education. The meeting will also discuss dissemination.

RETHINK Work Package 2 meeting

This is the second of three meetings where the participating membersof Work Package 2 come together. During the meeting the Handbook will be further discussed and developed.

RETHINK 2nd Consortium Meeting/1st Work Package 2 Meeting

Here, two meetings related to the RETHINK project run parallel – a meeting of the COnsortium members to discuss how overall management and progress of the project is going and the first Work Package 2 meeting. Work Package 2 is one of 6 work packages related to this project and is the main responsibility of EuroClio. During this particular meeting, the main topic of discussion is the Teacher Handbook that this group has to write.

Expert Group Selected for RETHINK project

EuroClio Project Updates

Great news! For the project RETHINK, EuroClio was able to select four participants for the Expert Group for Work Package 2!

Through a call that was spread in the network of EuroClio, almost 20 applications were received. Based on our selection criteria, including experience in teaching in remembrance education, the ability to pilot practices with students, and geographical and gender balance, the following four participants were selected:

  • Dorina Subashi Anglisht (Albania) is a lecturer of Museology, Archaeology, and the Culture Heritage of Albania, at the Department of Tourism of the Faculty of Business, “Aleksandër Moisiu” University (Albania).
  • Martin Liepach (Germany) is a teacher at the European School Liebigschule/Frankfurt in combination with part-time work at the Pedagogic Centre of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt and Fritz Bauer Institut.
  • Nena Močnik (Finland) is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies.
  • Paula Cowan (Scotland) is a reader in Education at the University of the West of Scotland, School of Education.

We are very happy to have selected this team that will be able to have a more systemic impact on the formal education sector.

It will be the task of the Expert Group to pilot practices from the partner institutions and other organizations, and to devise a handbook for how to use these practices in other contexts. The Expert Group will eventually consist of twelve experts from eight different countries who are active in the field of formal and informal history, citizenship, and remembrance education.

The Expert Group functions as a bridge between informal and formal education, and therefore consists of individuals from both sectors. The partner institutions will provide eight experts from the informal sector.

Launch of RETHINK Project in Paris

From 29-30 of January this year, Jaco Stoop and Judith Geerling from the EuroClio Secretariat will attend the launch of a new project of which EuroClio is a partner. The project, entitled “RETHINK”, is led by the Centre International D’etudes Pedagogiques – CIEP, and aims to bring together and disseminate different educational programmes and approaches that deal with remembrance in order to help educators deal with current critical and controversial issues. Within the project, EuroClio will take advantage of its wide network of educators working in the field of remembrance and history to help develop and disseminate the project materials.