Dealing with the Past in History Education: Study Visit to Bogotá

Core team members Senada Jusic (EuroClio-HIP) and Meena Malhotra (Peace Works) will represent the Dealing With the Past project in a study visit to Bogotá, Colombia. The aim of the visits is to  interview civil society actors, teachers and students to find out about the practical challenges related to dealing with conflicting memories and narratives, dealing with emotional and difficult histories, dealing with uncertainties and sensitivities in order to document collected practices and practical recommendations in the form of a blog post and a report based on the findings from this data gathering that can be used for advocacy on global, regional, and national levels.

The study visit is co-organised by the National Center for Historical Memory. During the visit itself, Jusic and Malhotra will meet with several NGOs, museum educators, and government officials. In addition, the two will attend history classes and discuss and interview students and history educators.

Register Now for History for Peace Conference in Calcutta, India

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EuroClio and PeaceWorks present an opportunity for all history and citizenship educators to participate in a study visit combined with History for Peace Conference taking place in Calcutta between 7-12 November 2016.

The study visit, which will run between 7 to 9 November 2016 will enable participants to get to know perhaps one of the most dynamic and diverse education systems in the world.  Programme includes visits to several different schools from public to inclusive and religious schools, as well as workshops and cultural activities. The programme of the study visit is particularly designed for the international group of educators.

History for Peace conference which will follow the study visit from 10 till 12 November 2016 will host participants from all over India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and outside this region, and it tackles one of the most contested ideas of the twenty-first century: Nationalism. Bringing together historians, scholars, educators and arts practitioners, conference will explore nationalism in relation to themes such as citizenship, identity, media, religion and school curriculum. International study visit group will also have an opportunity to lead their own workshop.

The programme gives attendants an unique opportunity to be introduced to a local educational system in Calcutta, where boards of education differ from one another in terms of content, modes of examination and assessment. During the conference themes of education can be further discussed in relation to nationalism. In an increasingly polarized world where extremism and hatred are on the rise, public debate seems to be driven by emotions rather than facts, leading to curtailed opinion-making. Media, especially social media, adds fuel to this fire. Key theme of the History for Peace conference is to discuss how these contested and relevant issues could be addressed in schools.

For more information and registration, please see our event page below.

A Study Visit and History for Peace Conference – Calcutta, India