2016 International Conference on History Education for Peace in East Asia and Europe

A unique gathering of educators and civil society practitioners from East Asia and Europe to explore the role of international cooperation, history education and civil society in establishing sustainable peace in East Asia in dialogue with Europe.

Looking back at...

EuroClio, was the proud and selected host for the International NGOs Forum on History and Peace in Leiden, Utrecht and The Hague. Together with the International History NGO for History and Peace they aimed to organise a Conference focusing on History and Peace. In many ways the goal of gaining a better common understanding of the role of international relations, history education and civil society in establishing sustainable peace in East Asia in a dialogue with Europe, was achieved. 

In the evaluation one of the participants concluded: "The conference was excellent in every regard. It was particularly rewarding to have such a large number of excellent Asian scholars. I might note in particular the excellent presentation by Daching Yong, as well as the moving address by the elderly Korean woman who relayed her experiences with such emotional and moral force."

EuroClio devoted an article to each day, with an emphasis on the daily focus. If you would like to continue reading about Historical Justice in Europe and East-Asia, the history of colonialism and World War Two in Europe and East Asia or Global History in the 21st Century, please follow one of the links.

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The Programme

6 July @ The Hague Institute for Global Justice
Historical Justice in Europe and East Asia
Key Note speech by Prof. Dr. Antoon de Baets, followed by presentations, and visits to The Hague - City of Peace and Justice.
Report: "Teaching about Historical Justice at the Europe-Asia Conference in The Hague"

7 July @ Leiden University
Addressing the history of colonialism and World War 2 in Europe and East Asia: comparing and contrasting
Visit to LeidenAsiaCentre, discussion panels and thematic workshops
Report: "Comparing and Contrasting European and East Asian History"

8 July @ Utrecht University
Teaching global history in the 21st century: challenges and opportunities and the role of teachers
Panel presentations on peaceful cooperation in East Asia, workshops by university lecturers
Report: "Teaching for Peace in Practice – Challenges and Opportunities"

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Background Note