Call for nominations for the Euromed Dialogue Award 2015

The tenth edition of the Euromed Dialogue Award for 2015, “Deconstructing stereotypes, reinforcing shared values,” has been launched. The bestowing ceremony of Award will take place in Luxembourg on the 28th of October, 2015. The Award will recognize the achievements of individuals and organisations leading the way in promoting Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Nominate candidates here. Please note that candidates for the Award must be based in one of the member countries of the Euro-Med Partnership.

The deadline for nomination proposals for the Award candidates is before the midnight of the 15th of September 2015 (Cairo time).

Educators Across Europe Bridge Histories in Bazaleti

From 28-29 November 2014 DVV International, GAHE, the Georgian Association of History Educators and EuroClio,  jointly organized a regional conference on “Responsible History – Different Ways of Dealing with the Past” in Bazaleti, Georgia. This conference was a part of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project. The conference was attended by more than 70 education experts and stakeholders from 12 different countries. The conference aimed to encourage the creation of a platform for dialogue and cooperation among educators, policy makers, and stakeholders from different sectors. The programme featured presentations and discussions on various related topics, facilitated opportunities to network and form new partnerships, thematic workshops on teaching methodologies and innovative learning materials, and on-site learning.
One of the main messages of the conference was that the non-formal and formal history educations sectors need to work in collaboration which would stimulate an intensified dialogue. The participants stressed the importance of further developing and strengthening this platform, and maintain long term influence and cooperation on different levels. The conference will lead to the declaration reflecting the thoughts of the participants which will be available on the partner organisation’s websites. This declaration aims at increasing the awareness of different actors related to responsible history on significance of working together with different relevant actors and invite them to join the synergy.