How Is History Taught in Moldova in 2012? EuroClio Exploratory Visit to Moldova, 10-16 September

EuroClio Senior Managers Steven Stegers and Blandine Smilansky just returned from a very intensive week in Moldova. This visit took place in the framework Sharing History, Cultural Dialogue, a regional initiative in which EuroClio member ANTIM (Association of Young Historians of Moldova) is participating together with partners in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. During the visit, EuroClio project coordinator and reporter were able to gather a lot of input from various stakeholders in the field of history education in Moldova. Thanks to the professionalism of their local partner ANTIM and dedication of its President Sergiu Musteata, they had in-depth interviews with students, teachers, school headmasters, teacher trainers and training centers directors, as well as the Minister of Education of Moldova and her staff dealing with history education. The week ended with a very active training Seminar for teachers at the State Pedagogical University in Chisinau, to which Mare Oja from Estonia and Benny Christensen from Denmark contributed. The Seminar was attended by over 80 history educators from across the country. An Event Report is available below, and a Special Report presenting the findings of this exploratory visit will be published before the end of 2012.

EuroClio Plans Two Exploratory Visits: Armenia and Moldova

Two exploratory visits to Moldova (10-16 September 2012) and Armenia (15-21 October 2012) will be undertaken as the part of the transnational project Sharing History – Cultural Dialogues. The project aims at creating sustainable history, heritage and citizenship education networks in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and at strengthening the professional capacities of their individual members.

Both visits aim at getting better to know the Educational systems in both countries, particularly related to History, Heritage and Citizenship Education.  The aims of both visits to Armenia and Moldova are for the project coordinators and experts to establish working relationships with local stakeholders in and around Chisnau and Yerevan and the regions; identifying the relevant areas of need by consulting local educators and officials. The programme of both visits will embrace one day active training and involve teachers from Secondary School, lyceum, High School, University, Teacher trainers from In-Service Training Institutes students from all over Moldova, participants from several Educational Institution.

Both visits will be followed with the Special Report that on history education in Armenia and Moldova under the framework of the project following on from these visists. The report will be available in English, and in the languages of Armenia and Moldova.

If you have any questions about the project activities please contact Aysel Gojayeva, Project Coordinator.

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