eTwinning Annual Conference 2017 – eTwinning: Turning Inclusion Into Action

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From 26-28 October the eTwinning Annual Conference 2017 took place in Malta. EuroClio ambassador Miljenko Hajdarovic attended the conference and hosted a workshop on the practical use of Historiana.

The focus of the eTwinning Annual Conference 2017 was to share how eTwinning can raise the capabilities of schools to address three main factors of exclusion: cultural differences, educational difficulties and geographical obstacles which continues the work of promoting ‘and non-discrimination through education’. Around 600 teachers from around Europe, most of them language teachers and STEM, attended the conference in Malta.

The aim was to show how eTwinning can turn inclusion into action via specific international projects, professional development opportunities and most important, by networking of teachers amongst each other, to strengthen professional relationships and form an inclusive community.

The workshop slot for EuroClio was the last one in the afternoon and after an introductory presentation by Miljenko Hajdarovic, all attendees of the workshop participated in a discussion on the use of Historiana.

The entire event was live streamed, and parts of the conference are uploaded on YouTube.

Participants of the EUROLIO workshop discuss the practical use of Historiana (image by Miljenko Hajdarovic)

Teaching Remembrance and the First World War: The EuroClio Online Teacher Training in Action

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From 1-18 February 2017 the EuroClio Learning Event “Teaching Remembrance and the First World War” took place. The event was organised in cooperation with eTwinning and reached out to 85 participants from all over Europe and beyond. Participants were drawn from the pool of teachers registered on eTwinning as well as student teachers from EuroClio ambassadors Huub Oattes, Sylvia Semmet and Dean Smart.

The Learning Event was an extensive online course that dealt with the topic of teaching the First World War and offered educators and students the opportunity to teach and learn about history in a multi-perspective and critical way. The Learning Event took a philosophical approach focusing on historical significance of the war and on memory and remembrance. By analysing and engaging with sources from Historiana, participants were encouraged to reflect in an interactive way on questions such as “What do we choose to remember?”, “What do we choose to forget?” and “How do we make such choices?” Through a combination of theory and practice, participants further learnt how to deal with sources in a responsible and critical way and how they can include them in their teaching.

Feedback for the Learning Event was overwhelmingly positive with participants responding that they enjoyed working with the topic and they would like to see more online courses of this kind. It provided an opportunity to communicate with other history (student) teachers, to share knowledge, to exchange ideas, opinions and experience, to learn from each other and to discover new teaching methods. As there are few opportunities for history teachers of this kind, this Learning Event gave them a rare and much appreciated possibility to engage with the topic of history as such. One particular strong point mentioned by participants was the multi-perspective approach which, in their opinion, made the Learning Event unique. By discussing and creating a lesson plan together, they were exposed to different viewpoints about the First World War and different ways to commemorate it. This possibility of sharing views with other (student) teachers from different parts of Europe and beyond enabled them to approach the topic from angles that were previously unknown to them.

The extensive report on this Learning Event can be downloaded below.

eTwinning Annual Conference Hosts EuroClio Workshop on “Us” and “Them”

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As an official “Friend of eTwinning”, EuroClio was delighted at the opportunity to host a workshop on 22-24 October at the platform’s key event; it’s Annual Conference. The conference convened over 500 educators from all over Europe. In 2015, the central theme was the promotion of fundamental values of tolerance, non-discrimination and inclusion. EuroClio Ambassador Jacek Staniszewski (Poland) and EuroClio Director Jonathan Even-Zohar prepared a workshop in which the concept of multi-perspectivity was unfolded in several ways. One of the eTwinning Coordinators wrote a positive and accurate review of the workshop.

EuroClio Extending Partnerships in Brussels

On the 22nd of September, EuroClio was present in Brussels to discuss new possibilities of cooperation with several organizations in civil society. Productive talks were had with eTwinning, as well as with EEA Grants/Norway Grants. These talks were productive and fostered possible future cooperation. Furthermore, EuroClio was present at the General Assembly of EUCIS-LLL, which agreed on a new logo and official new title, which from now on is "LifeLong Learning Platform". This was then concluded with an opportunity to discuss further matters of the role of education in European policy making as well as the role of civil society in promoting a stronger focus on education in Europe. To strengthen the event, several European Members of Parliament were present, of which Sirpa Pietikäinen (Finland), led the discussion which followed the G.A. Also present at the G.A. was Jon Hamer, who shared his vision of the importance of history education in promoting democratic citizenship.