Sharing History in Action: More Developments Achieved in Tbilisi

November and December were busy months for the Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues project team. The Editors meeting in the Hague (12-17 November 2014) was followed by the Conference on Responsible History in Bazaleti (27-30 November), and after the meeting with the National Editors and Steering Committee Members between 1-2 December 2014 in Tbilisi. All three events influenced the progress of development of the educational modules significantly. During the meeting with the National Editors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine in Tbilisi which was coordinated by Editor-in-Chief of the project, Julia Kushnereva, navigator and glossary sections of all the edited modules were finalized and the planning for the next year of the project were made. In parallel to this meeting, Steering Committee Members convened in Tbilisi to reflect on the previous year of the project, its challenges and achievements, and shared their thoughts and recommendations on the final year of the project, and looked broadely on the future of the Black Sea programme, and marked the importance of continuing the work in the region using the existing experiences, and the material developed. In 2015, the project team will continue their work on finalizing the editing of the educational modules, and look for means and support in realizing the national trainings using the developed material, and possibly present the material to the wider public in the region.

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Significant Progress Made by “Sharing History” Project Editors in The Hague

Last week the Euroclio secretariat had the pleasure of hosting the editors of the Sharing History – Cultural Dialogues project in The Hague for a four day editing meeting. The tensions felt on the Northern shores of the Black Sea stood in sharp contrast with the spirit of cooperation and friendship between the editors from Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and Latvia. With the help of the staff of the secretariat and the external reviewer Wim van Meurs, professor of South-Eastern European history at the university of Nijmegen, the editors critically reviewed the prepared education material. As a result a number of modules was finished and suggestions were made for the improvement of other learning activities.

Crucial Steps Taken at 3rd Editing Meeting in Chisinau

From 6-9 July, editors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova and Russia met in Chisinau to work on the editing for the draft modules within the Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues project. In addition to the editing of modules, the team worked on the glossary and footnotes (for terms that need more explanations), identified sensitive and controversial issues and discussed the testing and piloting procedures. As part of the visit to Moldova, the team visited the ANTIM resource center that has been improved as part of the capacity building of the project. The next step of the project will be the testing and piloting of modules and selection of a publishing house.

Armenian Authors Work on Regional Learning Materials

On 25-28 May 2014, Dean Smart (United Kingdom) and Olha Pedan-Slyepukhina (Ukraine) revisited Yerevan to follow-up their spring meeting with the authors in Armenia. They worked individually with the authors on their thematic modules for the Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues publication. This final step in the authors’ support process will lead to the pre-final versions of the modules, which will be reviewed during the final editing meeting in Chisinau, Moldova, in the beginning of July.

“Sharing History” Project Editors Convene in Ohrid

Between 29 March-5 April, the editors team of Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues (SHCD) project met in Ohrid (Republic of Macedonia) to share relevant information (including what is promised in the project proposal, research done within the project, and practices from other EuroClio programmes) that helps with the editing process. At least five modules from all countries were reviewed and edited, local editors were provided with clear instructions on working to technical standards and final decisions were made on further steps in the editing procedure. Also agreed upon was copyright policy, the terms and conditions of local editing and the parameters of map standards and the source gallery. The 2nd Editing meeting was embedded in the 21st EuroClio Annual Conference ‘History Educational beyond Borders. How we can Share our Cultural Heritage’. In parallel to the editing meeting, the Editors found the opportunity to participate in the biggest EuroClio international professional development and training course very valuable for their professional development and international experience. In overall, the editing meeting succeeded to achieve the meeting aims, and resulted in the concrete updates in time-plan of the project on the editing stage. The 3rd Editing meeting of SHCD project is planned to take place in the beginning of July in Chisinau.