Workshops on History of European Cooperation Peer-Reviewed at Annual Conference Denmark

During the EuroClio Annual Conference in Denmark, Learning Editor Helen Snelson and Content Editor Francesco Scatigna, together with team member Ineke Veldhuis-Meester led two peer-review sessions with materials developed in the Decisions and Dilemmas project and received valuable feedback from the international group of participants. The first workshop focused on ‘Understanding change and continuity in the search for European stability 1648-1945’ and included a multi-stranded timeline on this search for stability including events, ideas and global context which was analyzed and assessed. The second workshop had a focus on a different period 1945-1949 and used individual life stories and evidence files to answer questions on how typical the experiences were. Participants gave great input on what to focus on, the necessity to limit the amount of sources handed to students and to the activities in general.

The materials and learning activities will be improved with the inputs collected during these two peer-review sessions and will be used during the final training seminar of the project in February 2016 and become available on Historiana. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter for more information in the fall.

Young History Educators from the Balkans Explore EuroClio at Denmark Conference

Eight young history educators from the Balkans had the opportunity to participate in the EuroClio Annual Conference in Denmark , within the project ‘Rethinking History Education’. For most of them this was the first experience of a EuroClio Conference and for some of them of an international conference in general. This opportunity offered them a unique insight in the Danish educational system, and a chance to meet peers and colleagues from all over the world to exchange experiences and ideas and to establish new contacts. As a result the group showed interest to establish partnerships with teachers in other countries, and to explore opportunities for funding to participate in a conference of the American Historical Association in the United States.

The group met three times throughout the conference, partially guided by EuroClio Board member Mire Mladenovski, to discuss the next steps in the project. They discussed the outcomes of the kick-off meeting in Skopje for the regional website. Moreover, throughout the week the group filmed several programme elements and interviewed participants. This material will be edited into a short video they will present during the Annual Regional Summer School in August.

Educational Research Institute (IBE) Reports on Focus Group Interviews held in Denmark

During the last EuroClio Annual Conference in Elsinore, members of the History Unit of the Educational Research Institute (IBE) from Warsaw conducted two Focus Group Interviews regarding the use of new technologies in history teaching. Each interview lasted for 80 minutes. History educators from Latvia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Macedonia and Malta discussed everyday challenges in their work and shared their experiences concerning ICT tools that might enhance history teaching.

The materials and the data collected during the interviews will help IBE researches to design a survey that will be conducted online in the coming weeks. The links to the survey will be sent out to history teachers and educators from all the countries of the European Union.