Active Historiana Training on Teaching the Napoleonic Wars

Almost 50 educators coming from 25 different countries were involved in the Historiana training day during the International Training seminar Teaching 1815. Rethinking the Battle of Waterloo from Multiple Perspectives which served as the start of the development process of a Historiana module on the Napoleonic Wars. Using the techniques and tools that the Historiana programme of EuroClio proposes, the participants worked in 9 teams of about 5 people sharing and contrasting their ideas about teaching about the Napoleonic Wars in three active workshops.

On Saturday 14th February, Historiana coordinators Steven Stegers and Judith Geerling, historical content editor Francesco Scatigna, learning team coordinator Helen Snelson and EuroClio research trainee Martijn de Jong proposed to the participants three really interactive activities on how to present historical content on the Napoleonic Wars in an innovative way, how to make a transnational source collection that is useful for history teaching and how to make learning activities that promote historical thinking by analysing a single source or a group of sources.

Trying to promote multiperspectivity in the different workshops, the groups of educators prepared and presented the historical content and learning activities they worked on and developed in the workshops.

The Historiana team will further develop the new Historiana module on the Napoleonic Wars, using the results of this training day. If you are interested to join the development process, please contact Judith Geerling (

‘Use the Past to Understand the Present’ Decisions and Dilemmas Project is Shaping Up!

On 15-16 February the second development meeting for the Historiana project “Decisions and Dilemmas: how to teach about the EU from a historical perspective” took place in Braine L’Alleud, Belgium.

After a general introduction concerning aims of the meeting by Steven Stegers and Judith Geerling, it was time for Helen Snelson (UK) and the historical content editor Francesco Scatigna (Italy) to convey the team concerning the results of the Advisory Board Meeting in Spain in 2014. Then, Francesco presented his timeline with the key events for the EU between 1944 and 2008. It was a great opportunity to discuss on learning activities on the timeline developed for the part on the long search for stability in Europe. This point will be piloted soon in Denmark during the EuroClio Annual Conference.

Thereafter Bob Stradling – Historiana Editor in Chief- presented his ideas for activities, facilitating debates on key policy issues from 1945 to nowadays. On this subject, the presence of Edgars Berzins (Latvia), Marjeta Sifrer (Slovenia), Ineke Veldhuis-Meester (The Netherland) and Helen as History teachers was relevant to share ideas and improve activities template. One purpose: teach the EU in an interactive and interesting way!

Edgars, Ineke and Marjeta presented sources they found as evidence files to illustrate post-war Europe. This perspective includes displaced people, infrastructural destruction. More than the ‘practical aspect’, they are also focusing on the post-war spirit: how life goes on, how to prevent conflicts. In this way Historiana aims to teach History in an innovative way using ordinary life stories. That’s why we pooled with pleasure different life stories after the Second World War, collected by Edgars, Ineke and Marjeta and tried to make it relevant for teachers and students.

Finally, the team agreed on next steps to follow for the two coming workshops: pilot teaching material during the Annual Conference in Denmark and the project results that would be discussed during the International Training 2016 in Italy (more information will come).

Advisors and Spanish Educators Provide Valuable Feedback for Decisions & Dilemmas Project in Madrid

From 12 until 15 December 2014 the Advisory Board of the Historiana project “Decisions and Dilemmas: how to teach about the EU from a historical perspective” met with representatives of the Development Team to discuss the current work and future developments in the project. After a general introduction to the rationale and outline of the project and development so far by Historiana Editor-in-Chief Bob Stradling and EuroClio coordinators Steven Stegers and Judith Geerling, historical content editor Francesco Scatigna presented his work on a timeline for the first section “The long search for stability” starting with the Peace of Westphalia.

On 13 December the team was joined by 5 local Spanish educators. Learning Editor Helen Snelson gave training on a decision-making activity on the European Defense Community and the use of Life Stories. The developed materials and methodologies were received with great enthusiasm and the local educators and advisors gave valuable feedback on how to improve the materials.

Kick-off Development Team Meeting showcases exciting Progress for NEW Decisions & Dilemmas Project

On 10-11 October the first meeting of the new Historiana project ‘Decisions and Dilemmas: teaching about the EU from a historical perspective’ took place in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The project entails three parts: ‘the long search for a lasting peace’, ‘life after World War 2’, and ‘the EU in the context of a changing world’ and will result in historical content and learning activities including role play and decisions making activities that will feature on the Historiana website. The meeting marked a unique moment, as it is the first Historiana project in which the development of historical content and learning activities is a collaborative effort by the whole development team. If you are interested to join the thinking on Historiana, become a member of our Facebook group!