Input Needed: EuroClio Network Needs Interest Survey

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Here at EuroClio, we understand that all of us are trying our best to maintain as much normalcy in and out of work during these strange and uncertain times.

In an effort to better support you, we have created this survey to inform the agendas of upcoming courses and webinars, as well as our outreach and content creation. If you could please take a few minutes to share with us your needs, preferences, and expectations, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Section I: Needs and preferences

We will create a space on our website for you to receive updates and make use of new resources. There, we will also have a suggestion box where we hope you will provide questions and concerns that will inform agendas for the Virtual Office Hours and future webinars. In the meantime, please submit some topics you'd like to discuss above.

Section II: Informing upcoming webinars

Webinar I: How to use online teaching tools

Webinar I: How to use online teaching tools

Webinar I: How to use online teaching tools

Webinar II: Creating coherence, not chaos

Webinar II: Creating coherence, not chaos

Webinar II: Creating coherence, not chaos

Section III: Other

Demographic information registration, and unaddressed needs/interests

Is there anything we missed? Please tell us here.


Surviving under pressure – Testimonies on the coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus pandemic gains traction across the world, there is no doubt that we are living through truly historic times.

People deal with situations of crises in a myriad of ways. We are keen to hear from history educators and the EuroClio community how the crisis affects your work, but also your state of mind and how the crisis is dealt with in your local communities. Witnessing this history "in the making", we call on anyone interested to contribute with short testimonies or stories through our online form (see below). How are you coping with lock downs, absence from work, friends and family? How do you keep yourself entertained, challenges and educated? We hope you may find this 'live recording' - whether daily or occasional - a therapeutic and beneficial exercise.

Additionally we hope that this might in fact become a useful resource for the future. After all, as historians, we all appreciate various testimonies, diaries, photographs and other records of past times. While living through a difficult time that certainly will be remembered in decades to come, we hope to make a small contribution towards the future interpretation of the current pandemic.

We encourage everyone to contribute with a short diary-like entry using the below online form and we hope to publish at least some of these in some form or another in the future. You may of course chose to stay anonymous in your contribution if you so wish.

Please stay healthy!

1. Contact Details

These questions are needed, so that we can link all of your experiences in one documents, were you to fill more than one form. You can decide to remain anonymous if you do not want your name to b published alongside your testimony.

The testimonies will have more impact if the reader can know a little bit about your background. You can present yourself by mentioning your age, your country, your profession, your city and anything that you deem relevant to your testimony. Click yes if you have already introduced yourself in a previous form, click no if this is your first form.

2. Your testimony

These questions are is included in order for us to create a format for everyone to follow. Below, you can add any other comments that you feel were not covered in our questions.

In this section, please describe the current situation in the world / in your country / in your city. Has any big announcement been made? Are people respecting the rules? Tell us about the current circumstances that you are experiencing.

How do you personally react to what you mentioned above? How is this affecting you personally?
( A word or a sentence is enough)

Describe something that is particularly hard for you. Are you far from your family? Do you have problems with your job? Do you find passing time difficult?
( A word or a sentence is enough)

Describe something that keeps you going. Does a local initiative warm your heart? Did you have a good call with a friend you had not talk to in a while? Did you find a way to fix something that you had trouble with for a while? (A word or a sentence is enough)

Did you encounter any posters, everyday scene or anything that you wish to attach to your testimony? Please upload it here.

3. Anything else?

Please add anything that has not been covered in the above questions. Is it not text? Then send an email to mentioning your name and the date of your testimony and your extra material will be added to this form upon publication.