Historiana Learning Team meets in London to test online apps and further develop Learning Section

In cooperation with the British Library, EuroClio organized a Historiana Learning Team Meeting from 10 to 12 January in London to discuss the progress of the EuropeanaCreative History Education Pilot, test the Analysis of Visual Sources and Compare and Contrast tools for the Historiana website, edit material from the History that Connects the Western Balkans projects and create ideas for exemplar Learning Activities.

The first day of the conference evolved around the demonstration and testing of the apps that are developed by Webtic for the Historiana website: the compare and contrast tool and the analysis of visual sources tool. During this day the team was strengthened with the presence of Henning Scholz (EuropeanaCreative), Susanne Tremml (Austrian National Library), and Jiri Frank (National Museum in Prague) who are all involved in the EuropeanaCreative project, and James Mark from the University of Exeter.

The other two days were used to further develop the Learning Section of Historiana that is currently constructed. Denis Detling presented the module he developed for the History that Connects the Western Balkans project and the team (existing of Ineke Veldhuis-Meester, Benny Christensen & Helen Snelson) together with EuroClio Deputy-Director Steven Stegers and Project Manager Judith Geerling discussed how this module and other material from the project could be best edited to feature on the Historiana website. Furthermore, the Learning Team developed some good ideas for exemplar Learning Activities to show how the apps and material of Historiana can be used in the classroom.

The apps and Learning Activities will be launched before the summer, so keep an eye on the Historiana website! If you are interested to contribute to Historiana, please contact Judith Geerling. You can also help develop the Historina website by joining the International Training Seminar “History beyond Textbooks” in London 12-17 April. Registration via this link.

Flying visit to London to meet Historiana Content Providers and Partners

From 28 – 30 October EuroClio Project Manager Judith Geerling was in London to meet with Historiana Content Providers and Partners. She visited the Imperial War Museum, where she discussed the copyright clearing of digitalized sources that will be used on the Historiana website. The Imperial War Museum also became a partner in the International Training Seminar ‘History beyond Textbooks’ in London, in April 2014.

The United Kingdom National Archives and the British Library also expressed their interest in cooperating in the Seminar, and willingness to enrich the Historiana database with some of their great source material. Finally, a very fruitful meeting with the British Council resulted in a possible synergy between their Christmas Truce-project and the Historiana First World War-module. It was a ‘flying visit’ in which great progress has been made for the Historiana programme.