Schools History Project Conference

In 2016 the Schools History Project (SHP) in partnership with Leeds Trinity University and Oxford Cambridge and RSA (OCR) is organising the Annual Conference in Leeds. The focus of the conference will be “Inspiring professional development for history teachers” . The Programme includes five plenary sessions packed with ideas and inspiration for taking forward history in your school.

For more information on the conference or the project please go to this website.


Schools History Project

Historiana First World War Module Presented to SHP Conference, Leeds, UK

Robert Stradling (Historiana Editor-in-Chief), Helen Snelson (Historiana Learning Team) and Steven Stegers (EuroClio Programme Director) presented the Historiana First World War Module during the 26th Annual Schools History Project Conference, during the plenary session “It is not just the Western Front… EuroClio presents an online multiperspective approach to WW1”. The presentation introduced a wide range of source materials, but also teaching tools such as a newsreel of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie, a multi-stranded timeline of Key Moments in WW1 and a video tutorial of the Annotation Tool. These will be made available after the summer. For more information, please contact