[PARTNER] Remembrance Education for THINKing critically (RETHINK)

About the Project

​Recent events and terrorist attacks in Europe have exposed divisions within our societies, and in particular a growing tendency to think in terms of “us” and “them”. Against this background, memorial institutions and democracy-building NGOs have designed programmes that promote tolerance and respect towards diversity, while developing media literacy and critical thinking skills. 

​The RETHINK project (Remembrance Education for THINKing critically) aims to facilitate the dissemination of these programmes. We believe that remembrance education, in linking past and present, sheds valuable light on the historical significance of polarised identities, offers insight into European history, and tools to combat intolerance. Because it illuminates both the origins and devastating consequences of exclusion and prejudice, RETHINK is uniquely suited to the present moment.

​Within the project consortium, EuroClio is responsible for managing the process of upscaling model and good practices of non-formal remembrance education. This means that EuroClio will form a group of experts, who will analyse practices from the partner organisations, as well as practices collected through an open survey. They will produce a handbook on how these practices can be adjusted to make them fit for use in a wider context, in the formal education sector.

​For more information about the consortium and the project's results, please visit rethink-education.eu.

​Call for practices

​Help students to learn about prejudice and think more critically through remembrance education. Share your good practice!

  • Do you have a remembrance practice or strategy that really works for your students or participants?
  • Would you like to increase the impact and availability of your practice in Europe?
  • Do you want experts to try out your educational practice and include it in a handbook about remembrance education?

Submit your practice to our database to make it more widely available. Some of the practices submitted will be selected by our group of experts to pilot with their visitors or students.

​You can find more information on the Call for Practices.

Work Packages

The project RETHINK has six work packages:

1. An online database consisting of collected practices from informal education institutions aimed at preventing radicalisation (Shoah Memorial, France)

2. A handbook/guide on how model practices from select institutions can be implemented in formal education (EuroClio, Netherlands)

3. A Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) drawing on the guide and selected practices (Cesie, Italy)

4. Communication (Cesie, Kazerne Dossin, Belgium)

5. Management (CIEP, France)

6. Evaluation (CIEP, France)

Latest news

Final Conference: Remembrance Education for Thinking Critically

Giulia Verdini Opportunities

The three-day conference is part of the RETHINK project and will discuss the meaning of Remembrance Education and how to bring it to the classroom. As the aim of the project is to support inclusive education by shedding light on the historical significance of polarised identities and providing educators with tools to combat intolerance and …

Sign up to pilot our new eLearning platform on remembrance education!

This summer, the RETHINK team (Remembrance Education for THINKing Critically) will launch its eLearning Platform. We are looking for 20 members of our network who would like to pilot modules of the platform before its official launch. The eLearning Platform is designed as a professional development opportunity for teachers and educators, so there is no need …

Survey: Provide Insight about Teaching Controversial History to RETHINK Consortium

Agustin De Julio Project Updates

The RETHINK Consortium aims to develop an e-learning platform and provide teachers with pedagogical tools to challenge students’ prejudices, deepen their understanding of phenomena such as racism and radicalisation, and develop their media literacy and critical thinking skills. In order to develop an online course that is best suited to your needs and those of …

Call for Practices on Remembrance Education

Jaco Stoop Opportunities, Project Updates

Do you have a remembrance practice or strategy that really works for your students or participants? Increase it’s impact, by making it available across Europe! Share your practice with our team of experts. Selected practices will be piloted by these experts with their own students, and used for the production of a handbook on remembrance education. About …

Expert Group Selected for RETHINK project

EuroClio Project Updates

Great news! For the project RETHINK, EuroClio was able to select four participants for the Expert Group for Work Package 2! Through a call that was spread in the network of EuroClio, almost 20 applications were received. Based on our selection criteria, including experience in teaching in remembrance education, the ability to pilot practices with …