[PARTNER] All Quiet?

The main aim of this project was to make youth curious about how democracy and peace grew in Europe over the last century. What do they think about peace nowadays, and how do they see peace-development in the next decades? Such questions were asked in workshops on remembrance education. 

Project Aims

  • Organise a series of workshops for young people from around Europe
  • Reflect on remembrances of the First World War in different countries
  • Train young people from different countries in various workshops


70 youth trained in various workshops

Supported by


Jeugd, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Belgium


Citta di Torino, Italy

Ayuntamiento de Murcia, Spain

Zavod Avantis, Slovenia

Ryckevelde vzw, Belgium

Jugendbildungsstaette Unterfranken, Germany

Northern Regional College, UK

Galway Regional Youth Federation, Ireland


Jugendbildungsstaette Unterfranken:
Arbion Gashi

Ayuntamiento de Murcia:
Raquel Aullon

Galway Regional Youth Federation:
Edel Kelly

Città di Torino:
Davide Toso

Liis Enson

Stadt Dorsten:
Melanie Schallenberg

Newtonabbey Borough Council:
Claire Fox

Ryckevelde vzw:
Elien Spillebeen

Jeugd, Cultuur en Wetenschap:
Jan Willaert
Urbain Verhelst
Eddy Van Moerkerke
Sven Vervloet
Nina Antonissen

Iljo Trajkovki
Martin Liepach

Project Managers

Jonathan Even-Zohar, EuroClio Director