In Europe Schools

About the Project

In 2019, Dutch national broadcaster VPRO joined forces with EuroClio and launched the In Europe Schools project! Inspired by the VPRO-television series, In Europe – History Caught in the Act, presented by Dutch best-selling author Geert Mak, VPRO and EuroClio developed four interactive online Educational Toolkits on the Modern History of Europe with topics including: Difficult History, Migration, Climate Change and Gender Equality.

We are proud to share that In Europe Schools has brought together more than 110 schools from all across Europe. The countries participating are Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, North-Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey, and the United-Kingdom

Learning Objectives

  • Approaching the teaching and learning of modern European history from a transnational perspective, encouraging multiperspectivity
  • Encouraging international cooperation and networking between teachers and pupils
  • Developing hands-on research skills and experience in conducting interviews and documentary making
  • Learning how to film, edit and produce a documentary
  • Contributing to students’ overall development of media literacy

Expected Outcomes

In Europe Schools is a Europe exchange project, during which students are encouraged to research different questions on a variety of topics related to the Education Kits and process their findings in self-made documentaries. The final step of each Education Kit provides a moment of exchange and reflection: Students will exchange their documentaries with their peers in Europe, sharing thoughts and views, enabling them to see how similar topics are approached from different perspectives. 

The Education Kits are supported by Starter Clips and Tutorials, providing tips and tricks for research, interviewing, editing and producing their documentaries. All student-made documentaries are also available on the In Europe Schools YouTube Channel.

Latest news

In Europe Schools: What do teachers and students say?

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In 2019, EuroClio joined forces with Dutch public broadcaster VPRO for the development of an online exchange project for European schools – In Europe Schools. Inspired by the VPRO television series In Europe – History Caught in the Act on modern European history, EuroCio and VPRO, alongside a team of authors, created four Education Kits …

Happening Now
After a successful pilot phase in 2019, nearly 110 schools (and counting) have already registered for the new round of In Europe Schools. Schools can still sign up here to start next month.