Europeana DSI4

The 4th phase of the DSI project - DSI4 - will continue the work and further develop the outcomes of the previous phases of the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure project. EuroClio and Europeana will work together to improve the discoverability of both Historiana and Europeana websites, particularly developing a new homepage for Historiana. Also in this phase 24 new source collections and related eLearning activities, using content from the Europeana Collections, will be added to the Historiana eLearning Environment. EuroClio and Europeana will also updated Teacher Training Package developed in the previous phase of the project with the new educational material developed in this phase, and provide Teacher Trainings, both online and offline, using its updated version. This training will allow to directly train teachers with Historiana, and will give EuroClio the possibility to have a direct feedback from history educator, to take into consideration for future developments of both Historiana and the Teacher Training Package.

Project aims

The project will aim to facilitate the optimization of Europeana and Historiana resources in history education, and in particular the project aims for:

  • The re-use of sources from Europeana Collecions to create new source collections for Historiana eLearning environment;
  • The creation of new eLearning activities for Historiana eLearning environment using the sources collected in the project;
  • Provide teacher trainings and workshops using Historiana and the Teacher Training Package
  • Improve the discoverability of both Europeana and Historiana
  • Reach out and link better to history educators who search for source collections online

Expected Outcomes

The consortium will work in the project to develop the following outputs:

24 new source collections on Historiana using the content from Europeana

This output will result in new source collections for the Historiana eLearning Environment using sources from the Europeana Collection. All in all 24 new source collections on 6 different themes (4 for each themes) will be added to the Historiana Historical Content. This output will allow the re-use of Europeana Collections and will provide Historiana’s users with more Historical material available. The first three themes have already been decided: Industrial Revolutions, European Renaissances and Napoleon and his times. For the remaining three themes, in order to provide history educators with the material they are looking for, in the decision on the themes for the source collections feedback and suggestions from the EuroClio community will be taken into account. The development of these source collections will be done by the EuroClio with the supervions and curation of the Historiana Historical Content Team.

24 new eLearning activities on Historiana

Along with the source collections, for each new source collection an eLearning Activity will be developed. This will result in 24 new eLearning activities that will be added to the learning and teaching section on Historiana. With these ready to use activities, users will have the possibility to see how new collections can be used to prepare learning activities to yous in their teaching.

A new homepage for Historiana

This output will improve the discoverability of the Historiana eLearning Environment. The aim of this output is to allow Historiana to achieve a better visibility ranking in the Google search position.

Update of the Teacher Training Package

The Teacher Training Package developed in the previous phase of the project will be improved and updated during this 4th phase. The updated version will include references to the new educational material developed during the implementation of the project.

You can download the teacher training  package here.

Online and Offline trainings

Multiple specialized workshops will be delivered by different EuroClio trainers in Teacher Training Institutes amongst others in The Netherlands, using the updated Teacher Training Package and Historiana, from spring 2019. From fall 2019 a group of 4 educators, selected from the Historiana teaching and learning team will provide trainings all across Europe. EuroClio will also provide several online trainings throughout the implementation of the project. These trainings will allow EuroClio to directly train training teachers on how to use Historiana in their lessons. Feedback from the participants to the trainings will be as well important to give EuroClio and Europeana insights on how to update and improve the Teacher Training Package.


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