Understanding a shared Past – Learning for the Future

This publication is the result from the project “Understanding a Shared Past, Learning for the Future”. This project had the overall objective to develop additional educational materials for Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia with new content and innovative approaches and to implement these materials through a series of teacher in-service training seminars.

Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria have a controversial and sensitive past. Academic historians will have to study this sensitive history and will come forward with new interpretations in their quest for the historical truth. The debates will be intense and will take some time. Their historical interpretations are regularly changing, dependent on new evidence and political points of view. It will take some time before historians, who personally have lived through such painful, recent past are able to face this past independently. The point of real freedom comes only than when people are not held by the their past, but hold the past in their hands.

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1. Political Life  EN | MK | SQ
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Understanding a Shared Past, learning for the Future

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Financed by the Stability Pact through the Dutch Government

Members involved

Albanian History Teachers' Association (ALBNA)

Bulgarian History Teachers' Association

History Teachers' Association of Macedonia





Violeta Achkovska, Marie Brozi, Liljana Guga, Ljupka Hristova, Kenan Iseni, Bedri Kola, Mire Mladenovski, Nada Molerovich, Agron Nishku, Bistra Stoimenova, Violeta Stoycheva, Tatyana Tzvetkova.


Todor Cepreganov, Rumyana Kusheva, Adrian Papajani, Milena Platnikova, Iljo Trajkovski, Fatmiroshe Xhemali.

Design and Technical work:

Mire Mladenovski.

English language support:

Jill Klimaschewski, Lieke van Wijk.

Understanding a Shared Past, learning for the Future


Project Aims

  • Share good practice and develop and implement innovative intercultural teaching and learning approaches and teaching materials in a multilateral context, promoting democracy, human rights and the rule of law
  • Strengthen the professional organisations of history educators in the project countries
  • Development of a regional network of historians and history educators
  • Wider implementation of information and communication technology in the project countries.


  • Increased membership of the national History Educators Associations
  • Widened regional network of historians and history educators
  • A teacher resource book: Change and Continuity in Everyday Life in Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia 1945-2000 (2003) (11.000 hard copies and CD-ROM)


Various project proposals were submitted as follow-up. Granted were European Dialogues. A Cultural Rainbow for the Future. An Inclusive and International approach for the Learning and Teaching of History in Bulgaria (2006-2009) and Macedonia: Retelling the History of a New Nation. (2006- 2007)

One of the Bulgarian coordinators played a continuous expert role in two other EuroClio projects:  Mosaic of Cultures. Teaching the multicultural society in Russia (2002-2005) and Tolerance Building through History Education in Georgia (2008 – 2011)

The Macedonian editor of the publication became an vital expert in EuroClio projects first related to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia and later for the Full Former Yugoslavia.


EuroClio, : Huibert Crijns

AlbaHist, the History Teachers Association of Albania: Fatmiroshe Xhemali, Adrian Papajani

The History Teachers Association of Bulgaria: Rumyana Neykova Kusheva, Milena Dimova Platnikova

The History Teachers Association of Macedonia: Tedor Cepreganov, Iljo Trajkovski

Project experts: Dzientra Liepina, Luisa Black, Huub Kurstjens, Henrik Skovgaard Nielsen


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Available in English, Albanian, and Macedonian


Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project Managers

Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, Special Advisor to EURCLIO

Huibert Crijns, former Project Manager at EuroClio


Partners & Additional Sponsors


Georg Eckert Institute


Council of Europe

Kultur Kontakt, Austria