National Institute Parri – Milano. History institutes on Resistence and Contemporary epoch network

Istituto Nazionale Parri - Milano. Rete degli istituti storici della Resistenza e dell’età contemporanea.

The national Parri Insitute was founded by Ferruccio Parri in 1949. Parri former deputy chief of staff of the Italian partisans network (CVL-Corpo Volontari della Libertà) from 1944 to 1945, was the Italian prime minister from June 1945 to December 1945. He created our Insitute in order to gather and study the documentary heritage left by CVL and CLNAI (Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale Alta Italia). During the last 70 years our institution contributed decisively with a huge amount of pubblications and original researches to the Italian scientific based historiography on contemporary period. The Institute, which inspires itself on the values expressed into the 1948 republican Constitution and on antifascist, democratic, liberal ideals as well as on cultural pluralism is nowadays leader of a network of more than 67 associate institutes, among these there is Parri Bologna Institute, already Euroclio full member. Besides publication of sources and essays concerning contemporary history study, the Insitute publishes a scientific peer reviewed journal “Italia Contemporanea” and a history didactic magazine on line: The Institute promotes by means of associated local institutes or by itself teacher training content as well as skill or competence based on many topics, citizenship included.