Educational Research Institute

Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych

Acting as research and development institution supervised by the Ministry of National Education of Poland, Educational Research Institute fulfills the following statutory objectives:

  • To identify and shape the principal directions in education sciences;
  • To evaluate the current state of education when confronted with the pressing needs of Polish society, and with international experience;
  • To predict changes in education;
  • To participate in educational reforms by offering professional solutions to modify educational practices, especially in the field of general and vocational curricula.

The Educational Research Institute conducts both general and applied educational research, drafts expert opinions for the purpose of educational policy and practice and fulfills advisory functions. Its principal field of activity comprises research into:

  • Directions in the development of education, and the education system organisation and supervision
  • Educational models and concepts (educational content, methods, resources and forms), as well as the theoretical basis of general and vocational education
  • The effectiveness of teaching, general and vocational education
  • The processes operating in the education system (as verified by education-related opinion polls)