Cambridge International School of Tunis

CIS International School of Tunis (CIST) was founded by parents from various international backgrounds to provide a world-class English-based education for their children in Tunis.

Preparing them for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations (IGCSEs), CIST aspires to help its students acquire the necessary skills and capabilities to shape the world’s future, which starts today, thus inspire them how to become internationally minded, global citizens.

Central to our educational philosophy is the ‘whole child’ approach, guided by the core principles of Integrity, Leadership and Excellence. CIST provides an outstanding educational environment where students are taught not only to achieve academic excellence but, even more importantly, to discover and develop their multiple skills through extra-curricular activities, competitions, cultural exchanges, field-based and hands-on experiences.

We motivate our students to strike a balance between academic distinction, inspirational leadership, character building, self-reflection and excellent social-communication skills. We not only motivate our students to be intellectually curious and proficient in several languages, but also to pro-actively look for solutions where others might see problems.

Our school is project-oriented, thus stimulating students to be flexible, creative and able to combine the strengths of a wide variety of persons from different backgrounds through constructive teamwork. Our students are motivated to be, at the same time, purpose driven and act responsibly, based on shared humanitarian principles.

In and outside the classroom, be it in extra-curricular or sports activities, our school prepares its students to be both excellent communicators and inventive team players as these are skills that are critical to success in the world of tomorrow, which still only exists in our – and their - imagination. We see it as our mission not only to make them dream that future, but to participate actively in construing it. We aspire our students to become all-rounded critical and creative thinkers who have the necessary skills to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

The staff members, coming from different backgrounds and cultures, reflect and promote the international mindedness of the school’s educational philosophy. The school expects its staff to be not only capable teachers and motivational leaders but also role models who lead by example. They are not only selected to instil students with knowledge but also to inspire them through their behaviour and interactions with the values and principles fostered by our school community.

We strive to create a vibrant community where students, parents and staff are active participants in enriching the learning environment and enhancing student wellbeing. Through personal and small group activities, we advance the social and emotional intelligence of our students and enable them to build self-confidence, independence and interdependence. We aim to create a school community where everyone respects each other’s differences and takes care of their shared natural and cultural environments.