Bilasuvar Lyceum

Currently Bilasuvar lyceum-school complex hosts 107 students. Their number is expected to be increased to 250-300 persons next academic year. Pedagogical staff of the school comprising 34 teachers was selected through series of test examinations. The educational complex with overall 1.3 hectare area has lighting, cooling, heating, water purifying systems installed up to international standards. In order to increase the level of educational system, the lyceum provides free-ofcharge education, lyceum uniform, hot meal twice a day, the special aid fund for children from low-income families, a service bus for students and teachers residing in 5-40 KM.

In order to provide effective leisure time of students it is intended to launch various clubs, circles, sport sections, dance and song ensembles, lyceum theatre. Within the framework of social educational programs, projects like School Journalism and Debate are implemented. One of the key priorities in the lyceum is to teach foreign languages.

Their mission: Sustainable development of the education system in which particularly the elimination of regional differences play a crucial role for us. Furthermore, we focus on individual students , as well as their socialization and education for citizens to create the necessary conditions to ensure comprehensibility.