Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus

The Pedagogical Institute was founded in 1972 by the decision of the Cabinet on the basis of the report-proposal submitted by Professor EG Wedell, from the University of Manchester, Consultant of UNESCO in 1971 on “Cyprus – Teacher and Educational Development”.

The Pedagogical Institute was launched in 1973 under the direction of the first Director of the Institute, Dr. John Koutsaki (1973-1983) in order to:

Become a centre where the professional itself undertakes the review of the operations and activities, and where the cooperative work is done by trainers at all levels of the hierarchy in the system, or are involved in classroom teaching or in teaching practice in administrative or roles in the educational direction (Weddell, 1971, 14).
Since June 2002, the Pedagogical Institute consolidated the Service Development Program (SAP), which deals with the writing and publishing of textbooks, the production of teaching materials for teachers and for students, and with curriculum design.

Under the Education Reform in June 2008, by decision of the Cabinet, the Centre for Educational Evaluation and Research (KEE) was established and also a Scientific Council was appointed.

The mission of the Scientific Council is to advise the Ministry of Education in matters relating to continuing professional development of educational, research and general matters that fall within the competences of the Pedagogical Institute and the Centre for Educational Research and Evaluation and ensure cooperation between the two institutions.

The Pedagogical Institute opened in 2009 with this new structure.

Project and mission

The Pedagogical Institute is to ensure the continuous training of teachers at all levels, to inform them about the latest trends in education, document research and theoretical steps to educational policy and to facilitate teachers in their quest for professional and personal development.

This work is in development and moves along the following main axes:

  • It offers service training for teachers at all levels, with various mandatory programs and optional courses
  • Plans and conducts educational research and evaluation studies
  • Monitors and indexes modern trends in Pedagogy
  • It promotes the use of ICT in Education
  • Keep up the writing and publishing of books of educational interest, design and production of teaching material and adopting textbooks.