Historical Institute Parri Emilia-Romagna

Istituto per la storia e le memorie del '900 Parri Emilia-Romagna

Historical Institute Parri Emilia-Romagna was founded in July 1963, in the groove and as an articulation ‘s regional INSMLI (National Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement in Italy), his first name was indeed Deputation for Emilia and Romagna for the history of the Resistance Movement and the War of Liberation. The Institute’s roots date back to 1947, when Ferruccio Parri had decided to raise the problem of preserving the heritage of the Resistance, a decision that led to the founding dell’Insmli in 1949, years in which the resistance was not universally accepted, or what historical event as such, or as common and shared source of republican democracy.

Then affirm the will to preserve the documentation of the Resistance, to give value and dignity of the nation’s archival records to cards and CLN of clandestine partisan, supporting the centrality of the Resistance in the history of twentieth-century Italy at least, indicate in the culture antifascist the construction site of a new democracy, had implications extraordinarily innovative, meant to talk at once with a recent past, still present and alive, and with a more remote past, going back to the origins of the Risorgimento, but also meant to participate in the design the new Italy, its civic culture, political and institutional.