Association Linea Gotica

Associazione Linea Gotica

The Gothic Line Association - Memory Lab ["Associazione Linea Gotica-Officina della Memoria"] was founded in 2010 by a group of academics, researchers and enthusiasts working on the history of the Second World War in Italy, and in particular events on the Gothic Line in the Tuscany, Marches and Emilia-Romagna Regions between summer 1944 and spring 1945.

The founders are from different parts of Italy, and the Association has thus always operated at the inter-regional level.

The main aim of the Gothic Line Association - Memory Lab is the recovery, conservation and promotion of the historic memory of the Gothic Line, in all its aspects: military, social, economic and cultural.

The Association's activities range from research to education and from events to tourism. In detail, it works on: historic research, memoirs, recovery and conservation of first-person testimonies, teaching and training activities, management of visits to locations, organisation of cultural events, publication of texts and video materials, creation and management of museums, creation of memory trails and socio-cultural and tourism promotion projects.