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EUROCLIO’s 2019 5th Regional Summer School: “Diversity and Violence”

August 22 - August 24

Rethinking approaches in History Education

22 - 24 August 2019 - Osijek, Croatia

This year, the Summer School will take place in the beautiful setting of Osijek, Croatia, from 22 to 24 August 2019. The Croatian History Teachers Association (HUNP) and the Museum of Slavonia (Muzej Slavonije) are co-organising the Summer School.

The theme this year will be “Diversity and violence”. The setting of the summer school in Croatia offers a great opportunity to deal with this theme, as violence and diversity have shaped the countries’ history up until today. The Balkan region is famous for its multicultural composition, with substantial minorities in past and present. In this summer school we will explore the issues of minorities in history teaching, and aspects of separate schooling systems for different groups within society. This is connected to a focus on local history in history teaching, looking at both Croatian and international examples. At the same time, violent episodes in the past, including World War 2 and the 1990s war (Homeland war) have influenced how society deals with its diverse population and history.

Political elites often continue wars through collective memory. In this context, history and citizenship educators have the pivotal role of countering this tendency by promoting a critical look at national and world history, helping students analyse the causes and consequences of intolerance, and, ultimately, preventing history from repeating itself. To enable educators to fulfill this demanding role, it is necessary to rethink the approach to history education.

Location Osijek, Croatia
Training Fee Early Bird: € 495,-. No longer available.

Full Participation Fee: € 550,-.  (including accommodation, meals)

Duration of the training 3 days
Topics touched upon Diversity, remembrance, contemporary history, World War 2, 1990s Yugoslav wars
Eligible for KA1 funding YES
Certificate for Participants? YES
Individual EUROCLIO Member Discount AVAILABLE - € 45,-
Participants expected Approximately 30

Extra Information


During the Summer School, multiple educational visits and workshops will aim to discuss how to rethink approaches in history education to start teaching about diversity and violence in an effective and sensitive way.

The programme will consist also of some specific themes:

  • Multiculturalism and Threats of War War in Croatia was part of the biggest conflict in Europe after the Second World War. Its cost was enormous: human losses, refugees, depopulation, impoverishment and destruction of urban and rural settlements, economic infrastructure and cultural heritage. All these consequences still largely shape fragile and sensitive relations in and between societies and states of the region.
  • Coexistence and Remembrance – Some scholars describe the commemorative culture in Croatia by a concept “islands of memory” meaning that there are separate communities of remembrance which deal with different traumatic events and rarely overlap in doing so. You will be able to explore memorial sites and reflect the connection of education and remembrance in relation to these historical events.

During the three training days, participants will learn through workshops, on-site study visits, peer learning and debating. They will have the opportunity to visit some of the war affected areas, hear about curricular approaches to recent painful past, visit memorial sites and explore their educational programmes. Participants will improve their knowledge of diversity and violence, and get acquainted with new educational contents, services, methods and, of course, educators from different countries.

Check out the Summer School Programme here!

Logistics and Fees

Summer school participation includes joining interesting workshops and discussion, on site study visits, local travel, accommodation for four nights in a 3*** Hotel in Tvrđa, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners. The Early Bird Fee of € 495,- per person will cover for all of this.

In addition, we will also offer a discounted rate for Individual EUROCLIO Members. The discount for Individual EUROCLIO Members is of € 45,-, and is applicable to the Early Bird Fee and to the Full Summer School Fee.

Register now at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/euroclio-5th-regional-summer-school-diversity-and-violence-tickets-57095402887


For further information or any questions or inquiries you can contact the seminar organizer Alice Modena. We are looking forward to your registration.


Croatian History Teacher's Association

Museum of Slavonia