Call for Papers for Human Rights Education Conference in The Netherlands

Rights Education Conference on “Translating Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms to Today’s World.” will be held in Middelburg, 17-19 December, 2015. The Conference aims to support and promote the United Nations objectives in human rights education, to critically assess how human rights objectives in education are translated into practices, to highlight the role of specific actors in human rights education, and to assess the connection between Roosevelt’s four freedoms and human dignity today.

Participants are encouraged to submit their papers on the following themes: global trends in human rights education, analysing key actors in human rights education, current themes in human rights education, and the practice of human rights education.

The deadline for abstracts is September 6th, 2015 and should be sent to

For more information on the paper proposal and conference registration, visit their website.

Early bird registration for the conference ends October 15th, 2015.

Few Spots Left for European Peer Training Opportunity in Luxembourg; Apply Now!

The European Peer Training Organisation will be holding a 4-day seminar “Peer education: a springboard to employment”, 23-28 October 2015, in Luxembourg, to support young peer educators in their professional development in the field of peer education and beyond.

The main goals of the peer forum are to link generations of peer trainers and increase awareness on working possibilities in peer education, to provide concrete professional development opportunities for youth, to reflect on how to identify and value competences developed through peer education, to provide tools for advocating peer education, and to launch EPTO’s new certification process.

EPTO are encouraging applicants from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Estonia, Albania, Romania, Hungary, Luxembourg, Turkey, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Iceland. Applicants should be either youth workers who have been certified as EPTO peer trainers in the last 3 years or in the last 4-15 years, or young peer trainers working on projects in their local areas.

The extended deadline for applications is Tuesday, September 15th, 2015. To apply, fill out the online form here.

For further questions about the event of EPTO, contact:

Help the Council of Europe Develop a New Model of Competences – Survey out NOW

The Education Department of Council of Europe has developed a new theoretical model of the competences (i.e., the values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding) that are required for democratic culture. The Education Department is now developing descriptors that can be used to assess the extent to which a learner has acquired these competences. Feedback from education professionals at all levels on descriptors for these competences are welcomed.

You can do this by completing a questionnaire through this link. This questionnaire is available in English, French, Russian, Georgian, Italian, Romanian and Spanish. German and Serbian will be added shortly.

We encourage you to participate in this questionnaire and influence the development of new theoretical models of the competences!

More information about this initiative and questionnaire can be found here: