2012 – Antalya, Turkey

6 April 2012, 14.30 – 18.00


Welcome and Introduction

Annex 1: Agenda of the EuroClio General Assembly 2012

Annex 2a: Minutes of the EuroClio General Assembly 2011, Krzyzowa, Poland

Annex 2b: ANNEX Report Audit Committee in 2011 about 2010

Finances, Board Reporting and Beyond 2012

Annex 3a: Letter to Members about Voting Results on Membership Fee System October 2011

Annex 3b: Announcement Board on EuroClio Ambassadors

Annex 4: Board Report for 2011

Annex 4-5: Board Report and Financial Report 2011

Annex 9: Result 2011 and Budget 2o12

Annex 10: Action Plan 2012

Annex 11: Internal rules 2012

Official Procedures

Annex 12: Board Vacancy Information and Profile 2012

Annex 12.1: Ziyad Amrahov-Azerbaijan (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.2: Katerina Brentanou-Greece (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.3: Paolo Ceccoli-Italy (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.4: Bojana Dujkovic Blagojevic-Bosnia-Herzegovina (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.5: Souad Halila-Tunisia (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.6: Albert Hani-Republic of Macedonia (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.7: Rauf Huseynzadeh-Azerbaijan (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.8: Lóa Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir-Iceland(Board Candidate)

Annex 12.9: Neil Mclennan-United Kingdom (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.10: Mire Mladenovski-Macedonia (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.11: Sergiu Musteata-Republic of Moldova (Board Candidate)

Annex 12.12: Heigo Ritsbek-Estonia (Board Candidate)

Annex 14.1: Application for Full Membership 2012 - Society for History Didactics, Austria

Annex 14.2: Application for Full Membership 2012 - The History Teachers of Buriatia

Annex 14.3: Application for Associated Membership 2012-Auschwitz Jewish center, Poland

Annex 14.4: Application for Associated Membership 2012-Association for Citizenship Teaching,The UK

Annex 14.5: Application for Associated Membership 2012-Digital Heritage, the UK

Annex 14.6: Application for Associated Membership 2012-Educational Research Institute, Poland

Annex 14.7: Application for Associated Membership 2012-University of Split, Croatia

Annex 14.8: Application for Associated Membership 2012-Pedagoical Institute of Cyprus, Cyprus

Annex 14.9: Application for Associated Membership-China Association or NGO Cooperation, China

Annex 16: EuroClio Recommendation on Migration in History Teaching