Call for team members in potential future project on European Integration

EuroClio Opportunities

EuroClio is working on an exciting new project about the  European Integration seen from the perspective of neighbouring countries:

what can we learn from discussions about joining the EU?



We are looking for practicing history and citizenship teachers that:
 have a genuine interest in historical and contemporary debates about European integration both in their countries and at international level;
 believe that there is a place for the history of European integration in their national curricula;
 feel that their country has a unique perspective towards EU integration;
 have experience in developing educational material;
 are able to develop educational material in English;
 can participate to 3 international development meetings;
 are able to organise trainings about the topic.


Read the full call for application here.


The deadline to apply is December 15th! Send an email to with a motivation letter, an example of educational material you have already developed and a support letter from your school.

We look forward to hearing from you!