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EUROCLIO Challenges the European Parliament to Identify Places of European Remembrance

Posted in Association - Association

EUCIS-LLL MapAs part of the Lifelong Learning Week organised by the European Civil Society Platform for Lifelong Learning EUCIS-LLL on 8-11 December 2014 in Brussels, EUROCLIO participated in an education fair within the European Parliament where parliamentarians, staff members and visitors were asked to pinpoint places and events that they found important to be remembered by their fellow Europeans. Over 120 places of remembrance were identified over the course of the week, and this exercice allowed for fruitful exchanges between EUROCLIO staff and various visitors eager to learn about EUROCLIO's mission and work.

Advisors and Spanish Educators Provide Valuable Feedback for Decisions & Dilemmas Project in Madrid

Posted in Historiana - Your Portal to the Past - Decisions and Dilemmas (2014-2015)

DDFrom 12 until 15 December 2014 the Advisory Board of the Historiana project “Decisions and Dilemmas: how to teach about the EU from a historical perspective” met with representatives of the Development Team to discuss the current work and future developments in the project. After a general introduction to the rationale and outline of the project and development so far by Historiana Editor-in-Chief Bob Stradling and EUROCLIO coordinators Steven Stegers and Judith Geerling, historical content editor Francesco Scatigna presented his work on a timeline for the first section “The long search for stability” starting with the Peace of Westphalia.

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I especially appreciate Euroclio’s ability to transfer best practice and lessons learned from one region to others, thus strengthening our common values of peace, tolerance, critical thinking and cooperation.

Aija Kļaviņa, Latvian History Teachers Association, Chair of the Board

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