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New Historiana Project: Call for Core Team Members

Posted in Historiana - Your Portal to the Past - Innovating History Education for All (2014-2017)


EUROCLIO acquired a new project within the Historiana programme: “Innovating History Education for All”. The project will run for 3 years (from 1 September 2014 until 31 August 2017) and is implemented by EUROCLIO in partnership with Webtic, Mount School York, the Educational Research Institute and the Georg Eckert Institute. The project will result in a needs assessment, cross-border historical source collections, online learning tools and activities, a multi-lingual user’s guide and a report on educational policies and curricula. At the moment we are looking for history educators to join the core team of history educators that is responsible for the development and testing of the online learning tools and exemplar applications. More information about the call for core team members can be found here: icon Call for Core Team Members Historiana 2014.

Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues Project: involving schools in piloting and peer-review

Posted in Innovating History Education - Black Sea Region - Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues 2011-2014

EAPIn October, the current EUROCLIO project in the Black Sea Region “Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues” has entered the stage of piloting and peer review of the edited versions of the teaching modules developed in the framework of the project.

A series of secondary schools and history and citizenship educators in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are cooperating in the process of piloting and peer review of the modules. Piloting and peer review are being streamlined with several guiding questions which will be in the end reviewed by the Editorial team in preparing the modules for the final publication.

 The piloting and peer review will continue until the end of 2014 and will be followed with the final editing, translation, design and respectively the printing of the publication. Between 5-7 November the Coordinators of the project convened in Kiev to jointly discuss the next steps in the project.

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