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New EUROCLIO Interest Group: The Teacher as Researcher?!

Posted in International Training - 2015: Elsinore, Denmark

as researcherDuring the EUROCLIO Annual Conference in Helsingor there was a meeting on the theme "The Teacher as Researcher?!” This meeting was a follow-up on the meeting in Ohrid in 2014. About twenty EUROCLIO members were present and the discussion was led by EUROCLIO Board Members Sylvia Semmet and Marjan de Groot-Reuvekamp. All members were somehow involved or interested in research. The group discussed opportunities and challenges for teachers across Europe to do research and decided that it would be good to establish a “EUROCLIO interest group” for the teacher as researcher.

Call for Participation for 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference at Belfast!

Posted in International Training - 2016: Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)

wall belfastEUROCLIO (European Association of History Educators) is delighted to announce the official Call for Participation for the 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference Professional Development and Training Course on ‘Remembering the Difficult Past through History and Heritage Education’ in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The conference will run from the 19th until 25th March 2016. Educators from all over the world are invited to apply to participate in one of the most significant history education conferences in Europe.

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