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Educators across Europe Bridge Histories in Bazaleti

Posted in Innovating History Education - Black Sea Region - Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues 2011-2014

From 28-29 November 2014 DVV International, GAHE, the Georgian Association of History Educators and EUROCLIO, the European Association of History Educators jointly organized a regional conference on “Responsible History – Different Ways of Dealing with the Past” in Bazaleti, Georgia. This conference was a part of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project. The conference was attended by more than 70 education experts and stakeholders from 12 different countries. The conference aimed to encourage the creation of a platform for dialogue and cooperation among educators, policy makers, and stakeholders from different sectors. The programme featured presentations and discussions on various related topics, facilitated opportunities to network and form new partnerships, thematic workshops on teaching methodologies and innovative learning materials, and on-site learning.

One of the main messages of the conference was that the non-formal and formal history educations sectors need to work in collaboration which would stimulate an intensified dialogue. The participants stressed the importance of further developing and strengthening this platform, and maintain long term influence and cooperation on different levels. The conference will lead to the declaration reflecting the thoughts of the participants which will be available on the partner organisation's websites. This declaration aims at increasing the awareness of different actors related to responsible history on significance of working together with different relevant actors and invite them to join the synergy.

Contact person: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

WISE Qatar Pushes the Global Agenda for Innovation Toward Quality Education

Posted in Partnerships - Announcements

WISEOn 4-7 November 2014, EUROCLIO Director Jonathan Even-Zohar was invited to attend the 2014 edition of the World Innovation Summit for Education. This year the central theme was “Imagine Create Learn. Creativity at the Heart of Education”. Over 1600 delegates from over 120 countries participated in this two-day event, which included large plenary debates as well as smaller breakout sessions, active workshops and a marketplace. Participants included Ministers of Education, United Nation Leaders, Education Entrepreneurs and Professionals and a wide range of Practitioners. The conference tackled three main challenges: (1) How to nurture creativity at all ages, particularly among the youngest? (2) How do we design an environment of engaging pedagogies where creative learning and innovative teaching can blossom and (3) How do we measure, assess and certify talents and skills in both formal and informal systems? Read more to find out which resources, initiatives and networks stood out – and keep you eyes open to WISE2015!

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